• Class Construction
  • Super & Sub Classes
  • More Inheritance


  • do{} while() loop
  • while(){} loop
  • for( ){} loop

Exception Handling

  • try{} catch() blocks
  • Throws delclarations

JChat Client / Server Project

  • Below you will find links to the documentation and sample working client applications.  Both samples are packaged .jar files.  The GUI version is fully implemented with message encryption and all options (that I could think of) available except using a database to save usernames and passwords.  In the code the stubs and or comments are there for where to add the code to implement that though.  The Console version is very, very stripped down as by its name, it is all console controlled but interacts just fine with the GUI version.
  • I have NOT included the link to the source code for any portions of this project but if you are an instructor just email me with your contact info and I will happily send it to you.  The code is very modular so it can be used to teach many different topics.  As much as possible, each major topic has been separated by Class so that it can be stripped out and implemented by your students.  The jChat server is up and running on one of my servers but you can also run your own of course.  The server is also written in Java with full source code available.  The JChat server is set up so that it can listen and connect to clients on multiple ports at the same time in case your institution blocks certain ports but you want your students to be able to test against the server from home as well.